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Ave's Bread

About Us


Passed Down for Generations

My Great Grandma (right) is one of  our inspirations.  She milled grains, baked bread and had many bread classes.  Grandma Jean and Grandpa Dee opened up the "Magic Mill" store and sold Bosch kitchen machines, grains, wheat, grinders and many other items.


Learning Early!

We have been baking bread for fun for a long time.  We took it the next level June of 2017 and started having "Bread Days".  We sold bread out of our house on Wednesdays via Social Media.  Then in the spring of 2018 Avery and Gabrielle went and applied to the Tuesday Market in Hillsboro, OR.  We sold our bread at Tuesday Market for the summer of 2018 and will be there the summer of 2019 also.  We have also been at many other markets around Christmas time.  We can also be found at Farmington Gardens during the Holidays.



We believe in our family, trying new things, failing and trying again.  We believe in hard work, real food  and making a fabulous product.